Contract Management

For a fixed fee Cloud 21 will review your significant managed service contracts, which have a remaining term of 2 years or more. The objectives of this review are:

  • Identify the potential for cost reductions through better management of supplier performance
  • Analyse the potential for gain-sharing payments from the supplier
  • Identify the potential for service delivery improvements through system updates
  • Identify improvements to operational from streamlined change management processes

We will take the following steps for the initial analysis:

  • Review general contract provisions
  • Review of Service Supply provision
  • Summary of performance requirements and deduction regime
  • Internal review of provider performance to date
  • External review of provider performance
  • Review of Service Improvement provisions
  • Internal review of actual service improvements
  • Sampling of potential service improvements

Following the analysis, a draft performance management process will be developed with the Trust. Once the process is finalised, Cloud 21 will agree with the Trust the terms of engagement. The cost for the Programme could be covered by sharing the delivered programme cost savings derived from service deduction, gain sharing receipts and efficiency gains (“Realised Gains”).

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